How to choose Right Pair of Motorcycle Gloves

How to choose motorcycle gloves for the perfect grip

Whether you’re on the road or tearing up the sports track, it’s necessary to protect your hands. Motorcycle Gloves are your initial line of defense. Maintaining a Strong grip is very important while you’re riding, thus selecting the correct combination of gloves can facilitate guarantee your safety.

With such a large amount of brands proclaiming to be the most effective motorcycle gloves and a large vary of favor to decide on from, it is often difficult to choose from.

If you’re visiting our Bikers Gear Australia stores, our friendly staff will facilitate choosing the right pair of gloves. If you’re shopping for motorbike gloves online, this buying guide can assist you to take the correct pair for you.


Things to keep in mind before buying motorcycle gloves

The weather

Whether you're racing superbikes or tripping on roads, you have to keep the weather in mind. Sweating is fine when you exercise, but when you Ride a motorbike it can make your gloves extremely uncomfortable. Look for gloves with breathability, vented ports, or include the use of a Ventilator with touch screen technology, similar to a mesh. If you live where it rains a lot, wet weather gloves or waterproof leather and extra grip will ensure you maintain good bike handling and stay dry.


Not all sewing is formed equal. If you’re wanting gloves that area unit very aiming to defend your hands throughout a high-speed accident (especially necessary if you’re racing), seek double-stitched or triple seamed gloves that use abrasion-resistant high-tensile thread.

The length

The longer the glove, the higher the protection. The longer gloves area unit is typically noted as gauntlet gloves (extend past the wrist). They supply else protection for throughout crashes and conjointly keep you heat throughout cold or wet weather. Shorter gloves area unit sometimes worn throughout and summer and supply you with additional quality.

Touchscreen technology

Say goodbye to the trouble of making an attempt to get rid of your gloves simply to use your smartphone. Thumb and finger increased gloves enable you to use your GPS, movable, and a myriad of different testy gadgets while not taking your gloves off. Several riders take fingerless gloves and compromise their safety.


You want your gloves to suit snuggly, however not be therefore tight that they stop your circulation or feel uncomfortable and prohibit your motion. Nor ought to they be too huge, because it reduces your handling on the bike, your hands move around within the glove which might be distracting, and through wet weather, the rain that runs down your sleeve could drip straight into your glove.


To get the proper measurements once you’re shopping for motorbike gloves online is to place your hand flat on a measuring system, and take the measure from the knuckle of your index to the knuckle on your finger. It pays to require the measurements of each hand

Because very often, one hand is slightly larger than the opposite. If this is often the case, take the larger-sized glove.


When you’re making an attempt to determine between animal skin and textile gloves, keep in mind that textile gloves won’t stretch or offer in the least. Animal skin gloves can run in and provides by regarding five-hitter.


How much I spent on motorbike gloves?

It’s common for exclusively celebrated brand-name gloves with all the bells and whistles to price in way over AUD $500.00 however it doesn’t mean you've got to pay that abundant to induce the hand protection you wish. There are a unit particular gloves notwithstanding what your budget is. The value is influenced by a variety of various things like the fabric it’s made with,

The type of options and the way abundant protection they supply. Obviously, the fingerless gloves area unit at the lower finish of the size, whereas the skilled waterproof gauntlet race gloves are at an additional price.


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